Why Relocated Santa Clarita Mice Are At a Disadvantage When it Comes to Survival

No Santa Clarita experts will recommend relocation of the trapped mice. This is due to the fact that the wild creatures will rarely survive when introduced in an unfamiliar environment. When in the wild, they will have to look for shelter that will keep them safe from the predator. The common food and water source is probably occupied by the larger animals. In addition, their rate of survival can also be influenced by their ability to digest the available food.

Factors That Influenced the Survival Rate of the Mice When Released

In case you are planning to release the California mice in the wild, there are certain things that you need to consider that might increase their chance of survival. Remember that their chance to survive will be dictated by the person that will release them.

Release Site

The site where you will release them should provide them enough covering against their predators. The place should provide them ample security. For the mice that have been harvested, a release program should be conducted. The place should also provide them enough resource to survive. It should be able to suit their distinct lifestyle.

Time of Release

The time of release should also conform to the California mice. Since they are considered nocturnal creatures, it is advisable to release them during nighttime. You should also pay attention on the weather since they will not survive if you relocate them during a harsh weather condition. Mice are tiny creatures that will not be able to easily survive in the wild. Understand that they will have a tough time. In fact, shooting them in the head is considered more humane than releasing them where they will suffer from excruciating death. There is a high probability that they will simply be the snack of the large predators. 

Place They Live

The mice can be found in different terrains. They will live in the grassland and on the California forest. They will look for the abandoned burrows of other animals. This will keep them safe against predators. However, the burrowing animals are also their predators such as the skunks, raccoons, snakes, etc. This will also be a threat to their existence in the wild. The mice are highly territorial creatures and they need large space in order to survive. They will urinate all over the place and defecate to leave traces of their presence. Unfortunately, this habit of the mice will enable the predators to locate them easily.

The mice have a specific type of diet. They need enough supply of Santa Clarita foods in order to ensure that they are receiving the right amount of nutrients. In case there is not enough food, conflict can arise. Study shows that they need to eat at about 20 times per day. Not receiving enough nutrients will weaken their immune system that will make them prone to different diseases. These are just some of the reason why releasing the mice is considered inhumane by most experts. They will eventually die if they failed to adapt on their new environment. 

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