What to Expect When a Skunk Invades Your California Home!

The Santa Clarita skunks belong in the family of the weasel. It has that short legs and wide feet that is armed with formidable claws. Most of them prefer to live in the forest and open land. However, there are also skunks that have become fully dependent to human for their survival. There are instance when they will establish their den in our property. Once this happens, there is a possibility that they will make it inside our house.

Managing the Damages of the Skunk

A skunk has been associated with numerous risks and hazards. Once they invaded our California home, it is your responsibility to manage the possible damages that your house may incur from this infestation. Here's how you do it.

Removing the Suffocating Scent of Their Spray

The skunk may enter our house through our pet door. In case you accidentally frightened the poor creature, they might activate their defense mechanism that will make your house smelling awful. Spraying on your clothes, carpet, and furniture can increase the damage cost to around $30,000. Fortunately there is a way on how you can ‘neutralize' the smell of their spray. When you need to address this stinking spray, you will have to devise a concrete plan. 

  • Ensure that the spray will not get in your eyes since it may cause temporary blindness. Wear protective California goggles, masks, and gloves just to be sure. 
  • Materials that have been sprayed should be washed using hot water. Make sure that it will not be too hot that might damage the fabric.
  • Their spray is like a poison that will contaminate everything they come across, be sure that you will not have a skin contact with the contaminated materials.

  • Remedy for the Spray

    Start by cleaning the primary source of the obnoxious scent. Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or bleach would be an excellent Santa Clarita cleaning solution. In case you don't have access to these items, your regular soap combined with water will be just as effective. Open your window to ventilate your house. Welcoming the fresh air outside will also play a role in improving the quality of air indoors. In case your shoes of your rags have been sprayed, you should hang them outside after cleaning them. It is also time to purchase an air purifier and to replace the air filter of your ACU.

    Skunk Odors in Your Fabric

    This is probably the most challenging problem that the skunk may cause if they invaded your house. You may have to wash your clothes multiple times to get rid of the skunk smell. You may use bleach but it may damage the color of the fabric. You should not place it inside the dryer, hang it outside and allow it to air dry. Be sure that you will read the instruction of the clothes' manufacturer with regards to proper care.

    The skunk spray is our primary concern once it invaded our Santa Clarita house. A family in Pennsylvania had to shoulder an insane repair costs after the skunk accidentally released its spray inside their house.

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