Next Steps to Follow After Trapping a Santa Clarita RACCOON

It is quite easy for you to prevent the Santa Clarita raccoons from getting inside. Once they made it inside, driving them away would be close to impossible. Our best option is to seek the help of the professionals. The wildlife removal company is tasked to follow the provisions that protect wildlife creatures such as the raccoon. In some states, you are not allowed them to relocate beyond the 1km-mark from the place where you trapped them. You are also not permitted to kill this poor creature. 

Guide on the Things to Do When Releasing Raccoons from Live Trap

Once you successfully trapped the California raccoon, you will definitely let out a sigh of relief knowing that you've averted the possible damages that they can inflict. However, you will quickly realize that the work is far from being over. You will be responsible in removing them in a manner that is acceptable within the law. You may want to call your local wildlife department first to familiarize yourself on the existing rules and regulations that are protecting the coons.

Following the Santa Clarita Regulations

It is highly likely that you have done a research to be fully prepared in trapping the California raccoon. You should already know the next step that you need to accomplish once the mechanism of the trap has been triggered. According to the usual regulations, you should be well aware on the place where you are going to release the animal, the special handling, and whether it is protected under the law. This is essential to avoid hefty fees and punishments.

Proper Approach to a Caged Raccoon

The California raccoon inside the trap may act erratic and may acquire injury from its attempt to escape. You need to calm its nerves by approaching slowly and cautiously. Speak in a soft tone and take subtle steps. One way to calm them down is to cover the trap with a blanket. You need to act swiftly as soon as you noticed that the creature is already quiet. You certainly don't want the raccoon to beat around while you are carrying the trap since you can accidentally drop it. There are instances when the caged raccoon will not be persuaded by your simple attempt to pacify them. If you believe that you have the capacity to move it safely and prevent the animal from injuring itself, we encourage you to do so. 

Before you handle the cage, be sure that you are wearing thick gloves that will keep you safe from the scratches and bites of the coons. In case it is allowed under the local law, you need to relocate them at least 10 miles from the place where you trapped them to prevent them from returning to your house. Still, you should find a place where they will feel comfortable. It should have a direct source to water and food that will increase their chance of survival.

On the off chance that you acquired injury during the process, do not treat this lightly. They can possibly carry Santa Clarita diseases so you need to seek medical attention. After you relocate them, it is time for you to install deterrents that will prevent future infestation.  

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